Continuing our theme of simplicity, Sally asked us to share a picture with one subject or object.  Lately I have been spending a lot of time with our one and only son, Michael.  Michael moved from elementary to middle school this year, so I've been hovering a bit close in hopes of a smooth transition.  So far so good - not because of me - but because he is a piece of sunshine wrapped in a young man's body.  He is so creative and so thoughtful, and I am completely unbiased.  We signed him up for cotillion so he had to get spiffed up for the first meeting on Wednesday. Isn't he adorable? Told you I was unbiased.

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Greg and I had a lovely dinner on Friday night, and as usually happens when we get a chance to relax together, we talk about all of our plans - for the kids, for our work, for our house, for our next vacation.  And it was the kind of restaurant that is very good, very attentive, but not rushing you at all.  Heaven!  We spent a lot of time discussing what direction I should go with Beads for Busy Gals.  I finally have time to move from "hobby" to "business" but I am having a hard time getting going.  My mind leaps ahead, and Greg gently reminded me that I need to start with the basics - inventory!  Lightbulb!  So here is day 1 of inventory building...

This week continues the simplicity theme, this time focusing on doors.  I've already posted about our trip to Puerto Rico, which included a trip to the light house at Cabo Rojo, but there are so many more pictures to share, particularly of the windows on the light house.  The white lighthouse, dramatic skies and dark interior of the light house made for some excellent window pictures :-)

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I have always enjoyed following the Art Bead Scene Blog and submitting projects for their monthly challenge.  For some reason, and because work and life and family got super busy over the last year, I fell out of the habit.  This month that changes! The art selected for this month's inspiration really resonated with me - it's called The White Rose and the Red Rose (1902) by Margaret Macdonald.  I love how it is so quiet and subtle but with so much movement and color.

I focused at first on the green - I had an awesome heart shaped piece from Round Rabbit Extra with that same green, but I couldn't quite get other things to come together with it to my satisfaction.  I poured through my bead collection and came across a copper piece I bought when we took a tour of the Queen Copper Mine in Bisbee, Arizona. (It's a real treat if you are ever in southern Arizona :-)). 

The piece had the same random swirls of the picture.  As I was looking for better color combinations I came across a lamp work glass bead I had made using smokey clear brown and swirly raku (I think) colors.  Both the colors and the bead size fit together with the copper focal perfectly.  Purple seemed to be the way to go with the rest of the piece, and I had a container of mixed purple glass beads - small crystals, Czech glass, and even some flower shapes that I strung together to finish the necklace.  Many had a copper-y shimmer to them that added some subtle sparkle.  I still wanted some green though, so added a small green lamp work spacer you can see on the left side of the focal.  I am super happy with how it turned out!

You can see all the entries for this month on the ABS Challenge Flickr page!

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